About me

Hi there, my name is Matthias Labsch. I’m a frontend developer living and working in the beautiful town of Freiburg, Germany.


I’m currently employed as a senior e-commerce developer. I worked for a leading provider of sustainable multi-channel e-commerce solutions and services. There I implemented interactive GUIs for our customers and held talks about mobile development and frontend performance. Later on I worked for a large publisher as well as several smaller marketing agencies. My main focus here was in Content Management Systems and technical SEO.


I was born with CMD (short for Congenital Muscular Distrophy) in 1982. Grewing up the Ruhr area till my 20th birthday, I moved to Freiburg to get a degree in Applied Computer Sciences. It never came so far, and after a few semesters I started an apprenticeship as software developer.

Despite my condition I earned several gradings including a black belt degree in japanese martial arts, namely Iaijutsu (sword) and Jujutsu. Besides that I bought a Can-Am Outlander ATV – because it’s not a very good idea to drive a motorcycle if one cannot hold balance very well – and take this little bumblebee out for a ride from time to time.

While not busy working I am occupied by developing my photography skills or building scale models.