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Friederike Scharrel and Nicole Eggert, Sportschicht Freiburg

Sportschicht Freiburg is online

During the last four months, I was helping a former collegue to launch the website for her new company Sportschicht Freiburg. Friederike Scharrel and Nicole Eggert are offering professional running and functional training in and around Freiburg.

If you need help with your running training or prepare for the next Marathon run, just contact Friederike and Nicole! They offer you strength and functional training, meaning that you’re working with your own body weight and/ or additional tools. They will assess your current health situation and will include your ideas and wishes into a personal training plan.

Your training can held everywhere you want: at your home or your workplace, but Friederike and Nicole would recommend the training to be held outside due to the positive effects of nature.

How I helped Sportschicht Freiburg

I know Friederike from a former employer where she worked as a SEO manager. After she selected a WordPress theme I installed all necessary plugins, changed settings and added some custom CSS. After that, I had to transfer the content Friederike created on a content prototype I provided her. On the 7th April, 2018 the website went live under the domain, just in time for the 15th Freiburg Marathon. Friederike and Nicole, just the best wishes and success for your new business!

See you later!

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