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Wheelchair sign on a concrete parking lot

Time for upgrading my wheelchair

After 15 years of good service I’m finally upgrading my wheelchair! It’s an old PRO ACTIV Speedy A1 in black, and due to my increasing lack of strength I will get an e-motion active drive from Alber tomorrow. In the past I was able to push myself around in my wheelchair quite well, but lately I had more and more problems to get around in uneven terrain like streets and so on.

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Guy writing an email on a laptop

Dealing with HTML-Emails in Outlook

Recently, I had to deal with HTML-Emails in Outlook. One of my customers wanted his email template updated, so I implemented the design to an existing template and tested it with the Email Debugger Module for OXID eShops and Thunderbird. It worked like a charm until our customer sent feedback that in Outlook 365 everything was pretty broken. What went wrong, and how did I solve the problem?

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